Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Additional Information

 Q: What are the benefits of outsourcing? 

A: Shorter time-to-market, less expense, better quality.  Not every organization has the capabilities and resources to effectively commercialize medical devices.  Often, the need is short-term and project related, further justifying the need to outsource.

Q: When do I know my organization requires outsourcing?

A: Most organizations already have a need for outsourcing as evident by projects that are over-budget, exceed timelines, or fail to meet deliverables.  Others organizations should establish the need for outsourcing prior to embarking on new projects, through an assessment of the current capabilties and resources against project requirements.

Q: How do I choose an outsourcing organization?

A: Choosing the right outsourcing organization is like wearing the proper clothes to an interview.  Your organization must be comfortable and able to express your expectations, to ensure project success.  CARZER recognizes the criticality of the relationship with the organization and encourages your organization to ensure the proper fit.  This should be done through open and candid discussions with our staff, until your organization is confident CARZER will meet your needs

Q: What qualifies CARZER to help me with my outsourcing needs?

A: CARZER offers a staff experienced in all aspects of medical device manufacturing.  Our staff has extensive experience as both device manufacturers and suppliers, so we understand and appreciate the relationship with an outsourcing organization.